Branded Drink Bottles

Getting Your Brands Into Someone’s Mind

What’s the point of using promotional products?

A relevant and timely question that Promotional Drink Bottle can answer! Whether you’re attending a conference, a job fair, or some other event where you want to hand out logo branded products to those who stop by your booth or attend your meetings, shows, or talks, promotional products are even more effective than a business card when it comes to getting your brand into someone’s mind and helping it stick there. Here are just some f other reasons to use branded drink bottles:

  1. Functionality equals staying power. Promotional drink bottles work the same way that custom branded products like pens work. By offering someone an item that is functional, say a G- Storm which also by the way, an Eco- Friendly Drink Bottle that has your brand name and information on it, you give them not only something that they will use, but also something that every time they use, they think about your brand. Every time they pick up and take a drink out of the water bottle, they’ll think of your brand.


  1. Great for just about every industry. If you own a business in the fitness industry and are looking for your fitness company to get their name out there, promotional water bottles are one of the best promotional products you could choose. Le Tour Bottle for example is a bottle that has a large print area, ideal in reaching out people from the industry. They are closely linked to the fitness industry—but this doesn’t mean that only fitness companies like gyms and health food stores can benefits from these products. People don’t just use water bottles while they are working out—they use them in their everyday lives, which makes them an ideal product to give away. Take a look at our new items, the straight sided Denver Water Bottle which are contemporary in style, the ingenious Flexo Water Bottle, and more.

Gets your name out there. One of the biggest benefits of handing out something more substantial than a business card or flyer is the ability to make a lasting impression not just on the person using the bottle, but on those around him. A promotional drink bottle is sort of like a small, mobile billboard for your business. People will see the name and your information on a borosilicate Venus Glass Drink Bottle, or on a sleek designed Stainless Steel Matt Bottle, and the next time they are looking for a business like yours, they will remember your business and give you a call.

 Handing out promotional products may seem like you are throwing advertising money down the drain, but these products actually help you build good will and name recognition, not just with those who receive the bottles, but with every person who sees that bottle.