Essential Reasons To Choose BPA Free Drink Bottles

Essential Reasons To Choose BPA Free Drink Bottles

You may have noticed the increase in BPA free drink bottles available on store shelves – but what does that label really mean? Bispherol A, or BPA, is a chemical used in the manufacture of plastic products. Commonly found in the lining of tinned foods, plastic containers and cutlery, as well as drink bottles, the inclusion of this epoxy resin has the potential to be a danger and research shows it should be avoided at all costs.
Let’s take a closer look at BPA and most importantly why you should opt for BPA free drink bottles today!

How does BPA affect our bodies?

BPA automatically leaks from containers and bottles we use, every single day, and contaminates the food and drink we consume. This means we are ingesting chemicals without even knowing it. When plastic containers are heated up, they have the potential to become even more toxic.

Common reasons choose BPA free drink bottles

Almost everyone carries a drink bottle. Whether you are a child at school, on your way to the gym or simply seeking a portable way to keep healthy and hydrated, drink bottles are popular, lightweight and inexpensive. It is essential however that you choose a BPA free variety every time.

Hazardous to unborn babies and young children

A recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) report raised concerns about exposure of BPA to unborn babies. The effects of ingesting these chemicals are frighteningly real and can result in fetal abnormalities. Furthermore as children are not able to eliminate substances from their bodies as easily as adults, the impact of the chemicals on their growing and developing bodies can be significant.

Impacts our hormones

Research suggests that BPA has the ability to mimic the action of the hormone estrogen. By disrupting our systems synthetically, there are increased risks for breast cancer, infertility and early puberty.

Diabetes and heart disease

Even low levels of exposure to BPA can result in type-2 diabetes and can be a trigger for early heart disease. It can be a cause of impotency in men and can be a reason many experience memory and learning problems. Whilst research continues toward firm proof of these problems, there is currently evidence of strong correlation.
Frankly the findings of research undertaken across the world are frightening. The good news however is that you can very easily access BPA free drink bottles. They are not only safe to reuse over and over but also have no impact on our bodies or the food and drink we consume. There are so many cool varieties to choose from in all shapes, colours and designs, there is sure to be a BPA free drink bottle with your name on it. Shop for one today.
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