The Nomad Eco-Safe Drink Bottle

Does your target audience have an active lifestyle?

If they do, then we’ve got the perfect piece of promotional material for you. Presenting the Nomad eco-safe Drink Bottle, a metal drink bottle with a stainless steel lid, which means they don’t require a plastic liner. That means that tastes or smells won’t transfer from one use to the next. These metal drink bottles are BPA free, which your target audience will love!

These metal drink bottles are a great way to tell your customers “thank you” for supporting your business. Because the Nomad eco-safe drink bottles are made with high quality stainless steel, your customers are going to see that you went out of your way to provide them with a top quality gift of thanks. This is going to go a long way towards engineering loyalty.

If you’re using these metal drink bottles to get your message out to your target audience, then you’re going to leave them with a really positive image of your business. They’re going to see that you understand that durability is important to them, and providing them with a BPA-free metal drink bottle shows them that you share their priorities regarding chemicals. It’s these types of gestures that make a huge difference, when customers are trying to decide where to spend their hard earned money!

When you’re planning your budget, make sure to include a few of these to go with any marketing campaigns geared at those with an active lifestyle such as hikers, bikers, and runners!