Tritan Drink Bottles

The stylish Tritan drink bottles are the perfect promotional drink bottle to hand out at trade show events. They’re plastic, but BPA free, so people won’t be worried about the chemical issue. They’re sleek and stylish looking, and their dark color looks amazing when a light colored logo is printed on the side.

When people are at trade shows or events, they’re eager for some goodies to take home. After all, everyone loves getting something for free. But in a sea of promotional items, you’ve got to make sure that yours is something different-mouse mats, pens, and staple removers have been done to death.

This is an especially great promotional drink bottle for busy executive types. Today’s executive isn’t stuck in his office, slaving away behind a desk for 80 hours a week. Smart phones and social media mean that he’s on the go, conducting business from the back of a taxi cab to the park while he watches his kids play. He needs a promotional drink bottle that can keep up with him, and the Tritan drink bottle will do that!

Because it’s higher-end plastic, he won’t have to worry about breaking or denting it, so it’s something that he can pass off to his kids if he needs to. It doesn’t matter how he chooses to use it, but with it’s good looks and sleek style, he’s definitely more likely to keep it around, meaning that your message will be something that he sees, often. Which is exactly the point of your promotional drink bottle!

6820BK_2 - Casanova Tritan